A Marriage ‘Dusted’ By The Hand Of God


Some forty-five years ago I walked hand in hand out the temple doors with my new bride. I couldn’t believe I was a married man! Somehow, in my mind, some kind of magical dust would be sprinkled on me as a ‘married’ man, and I would become mature, wise, and the best husband. But that ‘dusting’ never came. And I really remember thinking, “I don’t feel different at all!”

Now all these years later, thank goodness my thoughts of a ‘magical dusting’ never came to be, because she and I left the temple that day together ‘undusted’, and we have been the recipients of a pinch of heavenly dust every day since, which have led to new discoveries of who we are as individuals, and as a couple. It’s been fun, exciting, and wonderful to feel God’s hand in our lives, and the spiritual dusting that comes when two people commit to each other and to God, that they will always be there for each other!

At times the dusting has been from pain, agony, loss, and disappointment. But with each pinch of dust, we have become more like our Father. We are still who we basically were the day we walked out those temple doors, but the refiner’s fire of life, which has sprinkled our lives, has made us both better. We are more patient with one another and others. We are less judgmental and more likely to give the benefit rather than the doubt. Sometimes the heavenly dust has fallen off and we both need to be sprinkled again. But often it stays on our shoulders and we soak it into our souls through blood, sweat, and tears. The lasting relationship of marriage has blessed our lives and helped us, together, become more of the perfect being we so desire to be.

It is glorious indeed to be alive after all these years and still be able to hold the hand of the one I love. She has been there with me to witness the miracle of how love and commitment to marriage has blessed, not only our lives, but that of our posterity. The spiritual dusting that comes from above, is heaviest when we are locked in the bonds of marriage because we can learn so much about the principles that Christ taught while upon this earth.

The dusting I so desired that day has come in sprinkles over the past forty-plus years, which I think, has made me a better man, father, and person than I was that day. Most of all, I think I am a better husband now than when I went out that door, because I see my wife in all her beauty; physically, intellectually, and spiritually. She has captured me, and I never want to be free. I am content in my cage, trapped forever in her arms, and none else. It’s a good feeling to be married to the one you love and adore. The sprinkling of the spirit has penetrated my soul all the way to my heart! I love her! It’s a wonderful feeling that we all search so desperately for in this life. It is a feeling that only comes to those who are seekers of it, and couples who are willing to be dusted over ever so slowly by the hand of God.

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