A ‘Peck’ Of Respect


A “peck” can be defined as a ‘light kiss’ or ‘a large amount of something.’ In the case of my wife, she gave me both in a quick moment we shared this past year. Let me explain.

A couple of years ago presented a number of challenges for us as a couple, and no matter how long you have been married, bruises and hurts still come your way. Among health issues and a loss of parents, our 15 year old dog also passed away. Now, although this was one of the least of the issues that presented itself this past year, it still hurts to lose a trusted and loved dog. Well, I should say, a dog my wife loved, and one that I tolerated. Although, I must admit that my affection for him was developing stronger by the year.

My wife wanted a replacement but I was, and am not ready to take on another animal for life. The biggest mistake in ‘exploring’ the option is to ‘dog shop.’ If you have done it, it’s deadly, as there are hundreds of canines that are cute, cuddly, and downright irresistible! I didn’t go dog shopping with my wife but many extended family members accompanied her in the quest for a new family pet. Shockingly, she found more than one to take home. With the urging of her entourage, she finally found the cutest of all cute dogs and had the pet store hold it for her for 24 hours.

When she informed me that she was getting a dog I must admit I spoke rather adamantly and strongly against the proposition. Some would say I yelled and they are probably right as they were witness to my scene of displeasure. However, within a few hours my heart softened, and I acquiesced. So the next day we drove to the pet store to buy our new ‘friend for life.’ And as expected the puppy was gorgeous and adorable. As she held this pup in her arms, I said, “Well lets get her!” Then something happened I didn’t expect.

She looked at me and said, “Do you really want this puppy?” I replied, “Do you want the truth?” She nodded. “”Well, no…but…I want you to be happy and I know you want the puppy so I am willingly to go forward to make you happy.” Then she said, “But you really don’t want one do you?” “Well, no. But I want to get one for you.” She put the puppy down and said with such pleasantry, “Let’s go!” I followed her and when we got in the car I repeated several times I would be happy to commit to getting a puppy. Then she smiled and said, “Yes, I know but we will wait till you are ready.” She leaned over and gave me a quick ‘peck’ on the lips, smiled and put on her seat belt.

We still haven’t gotten a dog yet and I probably will come around to actually wanting one in the next few months. I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that from the moment she gave me a ‘peck’, I felt a ‘large amount of something.’ That something was love, honor and respect for her husband. It’s moments like that ‘peck’ that create the building blocks of what marriage is really all about.

The sound of yelping, dog feeding, dog poop duty, and cleaning the carpet are sure to come back to our home. And when it does, we will both smile, look at each other, and she will give me a quick ‘peck’ as she hands me the doggie bag and says, “Your turn!”

Post Note: The sound of yelping returned to our home last month and I must admit, I’m questioning if a “Peck” is enough reward for being the captain of the doggy bag!

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