A Treasure Box Of Christmas Memories

Many years ago, when my five children were very young, and under my wife’s encouragement, each wrote me a note for Christmas. (All spelling is original).

Dear Dad,

Merry Christmas! Thanks for a happy Christmas. Thanks for always supporting me in every thing I do. It really means alot to me. You are the best dad in the world. You are always so nice when you come home from work and listen to things I want to tell you. Have a good Christmas. I love you more than any Dad on the face of the earth- Love Son #2

Dear Dad,

I hope you like the Ted Williams card and the pistusheos you probably ate. I wish you a merry Chistmas and a happy new year. Love-son #4

Dear Dad,

Merry Christmas. To my special dad, your the best, I love you. Thanks for always supporting me and taking care of me. Your the reason I’m so sucesful in sports. I love you, your the best. And thanks for making sacrafices for not only me but the whole family, and making money to keep me alive healthy and in a fine home. Love-son #3

Dear Dad,

I hope you have a good Christmas, I hope you can have the presents you wanted this Christmas, I love you. Love, your daughter

Dear Dad,

Thanks for all the things you do for me. Thanks for always helping me, and always being in a good mood. I think your the greatest person on earth. I love you more than anything. Love, son #1

The written notes above are not something unique to me. I share them only as an example of how special it is to recieve such. These cards were written over thirty years ago. But as you can see, “the gift” I received that year from them is still close to my heart as I have kept them in a box. I am positive that many of you have the same type of letters safely stashed away and read them from time to time. They are “gifts” that all parents cherish because they keep on giving! They are of no monetary value but are worth their weight in gold. We don’t have to be a child to write something wonderful and precious. I still treasure many letters that I received from my now deceased mother and father. They grow in value each year. May we all remember that “moth and dust doth corrupt” but gifts from our hearts are usually safely tucked away in another’s heart for the eternities.

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