A Wife Well-Loved!


I don’t know if any husband can express in words his deepest feelings for a loved spouse, after all, we are men. But from time to time some of us husbands try to write our feelings which are intended to impress our wives.  It is important to show our love and affection for our spouse through the years. A continuing courtship really is important. Although many husbands don’t express their devotion as often as they should, I think most husbands feel blessed, as do I, to have such women of character by their side. As today is my wife’s birthday, I took a shot at expressing my appreciation for a wife well-loved! Based upon a true event, the following poem captures the divine nature of womanhood.


I asked God “If she’s the one”

Might you give to me a sign

Can you give me concrete proof

She forever will be mine

Let me dream of her tonight

When I go to sleep at nine

Then I will know for certain

With the outcome I’ll be fine

As I slumbered in the night

An exquisite Angel stood in time

Showing me the grand vision

That of a girl most sublime

I knew her face and her smile

The night before we’d dined

I married her that very month

Endless promise for all time

Now my wife so many years

Beautiful I still call her name

I’ve learned that angel and the girl

Were really both one and the same

Some of us are blessed and lucky enough, to get both an angel and a wife as a companion for this life and throughout all eternity!

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