Acts Of Kindness Don’t Have To Die!


A good friend recently shared this story-

Many years ago his daughter, a new driver, had gotten into an accident that was clearly her fault. At the scene of the accident his daughter was visibly upset and brought to tears. It was a small accident and thankfully no one was injured. The woman she hit not only was kind about the mishap, but she offered words of comfort at the scene and later that day she actually called her at her home to make sure all was well. This woman’s kindness made a lasting impression on my friend’s daughter.

Fast forward many years and this same daughter was hit by another driver. You can guess how she handled the situation. Instead of getting upset and mad at the scene, she extended a hand of friendship by offering words of comfort and kindness. When her father asked her way she had reacted in that manner, she replied:

“I remembered how I had been treated by this kind woman so many years ago and I vowed that if I was ever put in the same position, I too would act with kindness and mercy.”

Isn’t it wonderful that acts of kindness don’t have to die! Perhaps if all of us thought of doing kind acts as eternal gifts of goodness, we would be more inclined to bless the lives of our fellow travelers. Because that act often lives on in the lives of others and produces an eternal wealth of love and kindness, which enlightens the hearts and souls of humankind.

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