Advice Worthy Of A Queen


Over thirty years ago my companion and I got off a bus as young missionaries in a town called Villa Regina. We were the first ever to be assigned from the church to this small town in Argentina. One of the first things I recall learning about the town was the translation of its name. Villa is, of course, a small town and regina is the word for queen.  The six months I spent there serving the poor and needy people of that pueblo, bring back countless memories of the joy, and of the goodness of the people.

And so it was that I was reminded of that time in my life,  when the well renowned columnist from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Regina Brett, dropped me a email giving me permission to use excerpts from her new book,”God Is Always Hiring.” While room prevents me from quoting all the sound advice and inspired suggestions given in this book, as well as others she has written, I was  so impressed by the words found on her webpage as an introduction to her new work. I quote:

“Too many of us do a great job of burying our deepest passions. I did everything in my power to avoid using my talents. I buried them as deep as I could and I resisted anyone who came at me with a shovel. I buried my talents out of fear they weren’t good enough. For years I ignored the call to use my talents. I kept telling God I wasn’t ready until one day it hit me: What if God stopped asking?

What’s scarier than God calling you to use your talents is the thought that God will stop calling you and go elsewhere.

We’re all gifted, but some people never open their package. We all have a calling, a vocation, a particular, unique talent. Your calling isn’t necessarily your job title. It might not be written on the business card you carry, or on your job description, or on your resume. It’s more likely written on your heart.”

Indeed the scriptures testify that all gifts and talents given to man by God, are given to bless humanity. I echo Ms. Brett’s words of encouragement with a clarion call, that all of us have talents that can bless the lives of others. Her advice is truly worthy of the name she bears, that of a queen!


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