Always Room In His Inn


Richard L. Evans observed that:

“Our Father in heaven is not an umpire who is trying to count us out. He is not a competitor who is trying to outsmart us. He is not a prosecutor who is trying to convict us. He is a Loving Father who wants our happiness and eternal progress and everlasting opportunity and glorious accomplishment, and who will help us all he can if we will but give him, in our lives, the opportunity to do so with obedience and humility and faith and patience (Conference Report, October 1956, p.101).”

I think it is important to remember that in this life we are taught to compete one with another until a winner is declared. But in the plan of salvation we are not competing one with another.  In other words, another’s good fortune or goodness does not in any way detract from, compete with, or diminish from who we are. Our Heavenly Father has unlimited room in His house for all his children. I am sure that like me, all of us  enjoy holidays primarily because we get together as a  family and enjoy one another’s company.  I once found myself alone on a Christmas morning many years ago.  It was one of the saddest occasions of my life. I can still recall sitting in an apartment alone, and listening over and over to the same Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy.” Every time I hear the drums beating introducing that song during the holidays, my mind is brought back to that experience and the unhappiness of being alone that day.

Alone, even in Heaven, wouldn’t be a place of much joy.  I  have great hope all my “brothers and sisters” will be there.  For in their company I find joy. That of course includes all who have ever lived as they are all my brothers and sisters.  May we rejoice in others righteousness and good fortune as we would hope others would rejoice with us under similar circumstances.

Fortunately do not have to hear the words of rejection spoken to Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus when he went looking for a room for Mary to give birth to the Christ child because there is always another bed in the House of the Lord,  and there is always another room in His Heavenly Inn.

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