Cherubims In Flight!

It was over two decades ago that my mother passed away. It was a difficult time for my family but as might be expected, it was most difficult on my Father who lost his partner of over 50 years. My Father joined the many travelers detoured down Widower’s Lane. It is a lonely road that, for some, can lead to despair, isolation, and sadness. In my opinion, the loss of a loved spouse is the hardest trial to bear. It leaves an emptiness that can seldom be filled by another.

Yet, for my family, particularly my Dad, such a person appeared on the highway not long after my Mom passed to the other side. She too, was traveling down the same lonely road. As luck would have it, she and my father were blessed to join hands and together they became whole, once again, as two became one. What a great blessing she became, not only in his life, but in the lives of all of us kids, and grandchildren. You see, she was never one to mind us kids talking about our mother, No, she was all for it as she knew my Mother, and clearly showed the utmost respect towards her memory. I always marveled how she could be so kind and loving without a bit of irritation or jealousy showing when my siblings and I told stories, over and over, of our early family life.  And as I came to discover, it didn’t show because it wasn’t there. She was just genuinely a loving person, just like my mom. I didn’t call her ‘Mom’ because I was already in my mid-forties when she married my Dad. But…in 2013 when I received the call that she had suddenly died at the age of 87, leaving my father alone again, I couldn’t help but think that maybe I should have. I never really thought about it till I sat down to write about her. She was undoubtedly worthy of having been called “Mom” by me. I never heard a cross word come out of her mouth. What a wonderful woman!

There are many wonderful people who have lost spouses due to death who still travel the road alone. Perhaps they will meet another on that same road but maybe not. My family was fortunate to have added an additional Angel to the fold when my Dad married Cherril.  In fact, the first word that came to my mind of how best to describe her is the word “Angel.” How appropriate for someone with her name!

For the last years of his life, my Father was surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, and friends. Love is such a wonderful thing to give and to receive. Without having someone to share it with, and give it to, life is less than full. The wonderful thing about love is that it can be possessed by anyone and given to everyone. No one ‘owns’ it! I’m grateful for people who come into my life and enrich it through caring love. We all yearn for more of love in our lives. May we give love bountifully to others, in hopes that when our day comes, we will join the chorus of Cherubims in Heavenly flight!

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