Are We Naive Albatross?


“An uninhabited South Atlantic island has for centuries served as a breeding ground for the albatross. Lacking predators, the albatross population thrived. A few years ago, mice made their way to the island. Outweighed 200-fold, the mice targeted albatross chicks for consumption — and now the mice are thriving.

Surprisingly, whenever the mice attack the chicks, the albatross parents do nothing, totally oblivious a threat even exists. Scientists explain the albatross parents, having never known such danger on the island, are “ecologically naive” about it. In a few years, however, that naiveté may result in the devastation of all island’s albatrosses”.(“The Way of the Albatross” by James G. Zumwalt, Commentary Washington Times March 10, 2008).

Are we like the albatross who idly stands by as our families are ravished, and our principles become extinct? The day of inaction is long gone! We must be vigilant in not only teaching and living the principles of the restored gospel, but also in promoting them in the communities wherein we live. A few voices have tremendous power in promoting good things. It’s amazing how much strength of character it takes to be the “first” to raise a hand in opposition to something that is blatantly wrong!  Or to raise a hand in promoting something that is good.  Often others have the same opinion, but lack the courage to speak out. It is easy to become complacent when faced with difficult situations which require decisive action.  But our complacency might end up allowing dangerous “mice” in through our backdoor, thus giving them access to our young! We need to summon forth the courage to stand tall and strong in defending our homes and our liberties least we go the way of the naive albatross parents and lose our “chicks” while they are under our care!

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying:

“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

There is much good in the world but there is much that is ungodly! The mice can enter our nests in many different ways via the internet, our phones, our computers, TV and via the teachings found at our schools. Hope is to be found in the words of the prophets.  Let their words be found in our homes and made easily accessible to our children and grandchildren. Let us be found praising the leaders of the church lest we undermine ourselves by thinking that no harm is done in speaking evil of the Lord’s anointed.  I recall a father who made it a habit of criticizing the local church leaders. The day came when one of his own children struggled with addictions that proved devastating to the family.  His council of “go to the Bishop” for help rang hollow to his child.  After all, why would his child chose to listen to a man who had been marginalized on a regular basis around the family diner table.

Eternal life is found in the words of the Savior and taught in our days by the priesthood of God. Redemption and safety can be found in following the prophets of our day! Let us be promoters of the servants of God! Let us not be naive enough to think that the mice are not in our homes…they are…in every home! We need to be vigilant in looking after and protecting our own.  We are commanded to be moderate, but being moderate in all things doesn’t mean we should be naive as an Albatross to the evils that surround us!




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