As The Chasm Widens We Must Not Compromise!


In the fall of the year 1974 came the words of a prophet to the people:

“Unless the world alters the course of its present trends (and that is not likely); and if, on the other hand, we continue to follow the teachings of the prophets, we shall increasingly become a peculiar and distinctive people of whom the world will take note. For instance: As the integrity of the family crumbles under worldly pressures, our position on the sanctity of the family will become more obvious and even more peculiar in contrast, if we have the faith to maintain that position.

As the growing permissive attitude toward sex continues to spread, the doctrine of the Church, as consistently taught for more than a century, will become increasingly singular and even strange to many…As government increasingly assumes the burden of caring for all human needs, the independence of our social services, and the doctrine which lies behind that position will become more and more unique.

As the Sabbath increasingly becomes a day of merchandising, those who obey the precept of the law written by the finger of the Lord on Sinai and reinforced by modern revelation will appear more unusual.

It is not always easy to live in the world and not be a part of it. We cannot live entirely with our own or unto ourselves, nor would we wish to. We must mingle with others. In so doing, we can be gracious. We can be inoffensive. We can avoid any spirit or attitude of self-righteousness. But we can maintain our standards. The natural tendency will be otherwise, and many have succumbed to it. (“A City Set Upon a Hill”, Gordon B. Hinckley, October 1974, GC).

These words, spoken almost 45 years ago have come true. There is no question in my mind that the chasm between the church and society has greatly widened over my lifetime, yet, the resounding charge that Gordon B. Hinckley gave at the end of his message that October day was this:

“As we observe…(the) standards taught by the Church, many in the world will respect us and find strength to follow that which they too know is right…We need not compromise. We must not compromise.”

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