I Have Read So Many Terrible Things About Smoking That I Have Finally Decided To Stop Reading; Change is Hard!


“The natural man is an enemy to growth and change. As an example, the words of the smoker reflect a typically-human attitude: “I have read so many terrible things about smoking that I have finally decided to stop reading.”

My recent experiences underscore both the need and difficulty of change. Whether it is a young father fighting the lure of pornography, a mother battling crushing self-hate, or a child who is trying to develop impulse control, there are many people who have tried to change themselves and have become discouraged. Some give up. Yet change is critical to our well-being…………” (“The Keys to Change: A Better Option”, H. Wallace Goodard)

I have witnessed the miracle of “change” that has come into the lives of those who choose to faithfully follow the simple instruction of the Lord to “come follow me.” The transforming power of change that comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is undeniable. Quoting just one such example from the Bible Dictionary:

“He was known in early life as Saul; his Latin name Paul is first mentioned at the beginning of his gentile ministry. He…was a Pharisee and…was active in the persecution of Christians and took part in the martyrdom of Stephen…He started for Damascus for the purpose of further persecution and on the road saw a vision of the Lord Jesus, which changed the whole current of his life.”

Saul, a persecutor of Christians, became arguably the greatest missionary of all time for Christ. If we have bad habits, or have gone down the wrong path,  we can overcome them through faith, repentance and a steady commitment to obeying the commandments. This requires humility and recognition of our own weaknesses. Real change is never easy but always worth it. All of us have within our ability, with the help of the Savior, to change for the good, shed off the Saul in us all and become Pauls!




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