But He Has Such Beautiful Feet! (In Appreciation Of Spouses Everywhere)


A few years ago I had the opportunity to sit down with my sister-in-law and reminisce about her now deceased husband who was my brother. Cancer had taken him at the young age of fifty-nine. She related to me that when my brother was in his last days of life, she stood by his bed and happened to notice what beautiful feet he had. She smiled and said, “I thought, ‘How can he be dying when he has such beautiful feet!’” I also smiled as the picture she painted came to my mind. It’s interesting how such minor things come into sharp focus when we are faced with the great tests in our lives.

It has now been more than ten years since my brother passed away. Recently his widow told my wife, “I used to get upset when he left his clothes on the floor. Now I would do anything to have the privilege of picking them up.” Encompassed in her statement is the key to happiness of marriage in this life.

My wife is a ‘connoisseur’ of McDonald’s Diet Coke. One sip and she can tell you if it meets her approval. On occasion when a drink hasn’t passed her ‘test’, I will have to find another McDonald’s close by that will deliver the approved drink. Now and again I show some irritation regarding this “drink tasting” festival on wheels. But I know the day will come when we won’t be able to share this experience together. When that day comes, and no matter what side of the veil I am on, I am sure that I will wish for one more trip to the local McDonald’s with her riding shotgun. I will wish to see in her face that nod of approval she gives me when the ingredients put together that day in that drink pass her test.

Unlike my sister-in-law who now wishes for, and misses, the small things she and my brother shared together, I still have my beloved beside me. Perhaps I should remember that the next time something small she does irritates me. Perhaps I should thank the Lord that I  still have her by my side. Maybe I should be more grateful for the little things about her that I will miss when she or I am gone. Maybe I should love her more fully. Maybe I should be more grateful to the Lord that through him and by him I have the chance of being with my wife for the eternities. Maybe I should look at her beautiful feet and cherish them more often.


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