Cast In The Day Of Small Things


President Roosevelt (1858-1919), the 26th President of the United States had this to say;

“The true Christian is the true citizen, lofty of purpose, resolute in endeavor, ready for a hero’s deeds, but never looking down on his task because it is cast in the day of small things; scornful of baseness, awake to his own duties as well as to his rights, following the higher law with reverence, and in this world doing all that in his power lies, so that when death comes he may feel that mankind is in some degree better because he lived”.

What a noble thought! Reading the words “never looking down on his task because it is cast in the day of small things” reminded me of the talk given by Dieter Uchtdorf a few years ago when he said

“When we seek to serve others, we are motivated not by selfishness but by charity. This is the way Jesus Christ lived His life and the way a holder of the priesthood must live his. The Savior did not care for the honors of men; Satan offered Him all the kingdoms and glory of the world, and Jesus rejected the offer immediately and completely. Throughout His life, the Savior must have often felt tired and pressed upon, with scarcely a moment to Himself; yet He always made time for the sick, the sorrowful, and the overlooked.In spite of this shining example, we too easily and too often get caught up in seeking the honors of men rather than serving the Lord with all our might, mind, and strength.” (Life Where We Stand, Oct, GC, 2008).

A sister I know has been faithfully serving as a “welfare worker” at the Bishops storehouse. She has held other more visible callings. Callings that were out front and easily seen and praised of man. But I know that finding faithful members to serve in the Bishops storehouse is difficult. It is a calling that receives little praise of men but is vital in building up the kingdom. The praise of man is a great motivator but the real test of our discipleship is how we perform when no one knows of our service except the Lord. Administering to the poor is the noblest of all the calls a person can receive. The storehouse is where Jesus would have been found on most days. And so, I believe the real test of a follower of Christ is how we perform in tasks that are “cast in the day of small things”.


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