‘Daddy, Let’s Play ‘Rough’!


“We sat on the last row, and our only son, a tall, fine young man, walked, at the invitation of the bishop, up the aisle and stood by the pulpit. The bishop spoke about my son and presented him to the congregation for their sustaining vote to his advancement in the Aaronic Priesthood…Later, at lunch, he was telling his sisters about the events of that morning. He said it was kind of scary walking up that aisle and standing up before the congregation all alone with the bishop. But he said, “When they voted, I looked down and saw Dad’s hand higher than all the rest, and I felt all right.” And he was right. I had hoisted my hand just as high as I could get it. He is my son, you see—and that is how I feel about him. The relationship between fathers and sons is a very special one.” (Marion D. Hanks, “Higher Than All the Rest,” New Era, Apr 1979, 6).

Indeed, the relationship between fathers and sons is a very special one. In the birth of of my son I experienced the miracle of life. A singular experience that I will never forget. Holding him in my arms for the first time. Wow! What a rush of emotions it was to see his little face peering up at me! Words cannot express the joy of that moment. Where once there were twain, now there were three. As each of my kids came along my joy heightened as I knew of the goodness that comes from being a father.

The relationship between fathers and sons is often formed in those early years when roughhousing is a common practice. For years I was greeted each day, when returning home from work, with a cry of “Daddy, let’s play rough.” In dedication to all sons and fathers who share a unique and wonderful bond-


Daddy lets Play “Rough”
You would come running and say
As I walked in the door from work
Each and every single day

You’d run and get the blanket
So as your horsy I obeyed
We’d wrestle round together
Laughing as we played

Little boys adore their Fathers
But it’s more important to say
That Fathers love their sons
Even as Memories start to fade

So to you my handsome son
One whose perfect in every way
I celebrate your precious birth
Each and every single day

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