Dead Flowers Can Bloom Again In A Marriage!


My mother loved beautiful flowers! My wife loves beautiful flowers! Almost every woman I know does. For most women, getting flowers from her husband or suitor is a grand expression of his love and affection. Recently I brought home flowers for my wife. Her eyes lit up as I presented her my bouquet of a dozen roses. She promptly started to cut the stems and arrange them. I sat back and watched as she meticulously cut the stems to different lengths while arranging them in the vase. It was like she danced with each flower before putting it in its designated place. I must say that I will probably never understand the nature of this ritual, but I do know that it makes her happy. The sad thing for me is that even after my wife sprinkles them with the magic “seasoning” that comes in that little plastic bag, the flowers die within days. They look so beautiful sitting in the vase that day. Then, slowly over the course of time, they begin to lose their beauty as they slowly die. I am left with no option but to repeat the endless cycle of what I call, “buying the dying.”

There are lessons to be learned from the timeless exchange of flowers between men and women. Sometimes we enter into our marriages like a bouquet of live flowers. Our love is in full bloom. We place our love into water, giving it temporary life. We arrange it just so, sprinkle in some passion to give it some zip and vitality, then thinking that all is done, we sit back and watch as it slowly dies. Perhaps the country artist, Miranda Lambert captured it best in the words of her song, “Dead Flowers”.

I feel like the flowers in this vase

He just brought’em home one day

Ain’t they beautiful he said

They been here in the kitchen

And the waters turnin’ gray

They’re sittin’ in the vase but now they’re dead

Dead flowers!

Love and marriage can be beautiful, but it is in need of constant nourishment. So many marriages today have become like, “dead flowers.” The couple is, ‘”sitting in the vase, but now their love is dead.” Remember to keep your marriage, “fresh”; nourish it! Be unselfish! Place your spouse ahead of yourself. By so doing, you will soon find that flowers will start to grow spontaneously in your vase, fed by your mutual love. Be sure to “sprinkle” it with the magic seasoning of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It really is magical what the Savior can do for a couple of faith!! Having the spirit in your relationship will give your marriage eternal life. By the magic of the gospel, lives and marriages that once resembled “dead flowers” can bloom once again. This time for all eternity!


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