Even For The Spiritually Wayward, Their Parent’s Faith In Christ Is Blessing Them With Happiness


There are many that wander from the heritage of their parents spiritual teachings. If we happen to be one of them, I am convinced that the foundation of our lives are laced with blessings of happiness that come from faithful parents who have obeyed the commandments as revealed through the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the prophets.

Recently I attended the funeral of a friend. Words were spoken similar to the above paragraph about the deceased. Her life of devotion to the gospel, as well as that of her husband, earlier deceased, was blessing the lives of all their posterity even if some of them no longer believed. Why? Because obedience to the principles of the gospel, as taught by Christ and his followers, uplifts, motivates, enhances, and enriches this earthly life.

I once had a grown man say to me, “I will never force my children to go to church like I was!” I was silent. It was a perplexing pronouncement. Later I contemplated that statement. I knew his family very well. The question that came to my mind was, “And what exactly were you taught that would lead you to have a bad life?” On the contrary, all that this man had been taught as a youth through church teachings should have brought joy and happiness into his marriage and family life.

I have met many people who have wandered from their parent’s faith. But I would testify that even though they no longer believe, their very lives, indeed, their very identity is reaping the benefits that come from faithful parents who have sacrificed to follow and teach to them this glorious gospel!

For parents with wayward children who have decided to let go of the Iron Rod, be of good cheer. Your sacrifice and obedience is still blessing the lives of your loved ones. The joy of the gospel of Christ settles deep into the souls of all those who have been exposed to its goodness. A parent’s gift of faith in Christ is not easily rejected. No, it is almost impossible to cleanse yourself entirely from divine teachings! They are there! They will always be there! The plan of salvation is of God! It is real and it attaches itself in the recesses of the heart where it rests and awaits for the moment of its resurrection which will surely come into the life of all exposed travelers who have ever lived in this tragic earthly life.

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