‘Father’ Knows Best!



Scene Two: A loving husband and wife lie awake at night thinking of all the problems that face their child.  Together, as a father and mother, they ponder, meditate, and earnestly pray for divine guidance regarding the future of their offspring.

Scene Three: The same couple sit across from the child and give him/her the best advice regarding important decisions the child is facing. Their advice comes from their desire to have their child live a life free from the consequences of error and sin. Their counsel, while not perfect, comes from love, experience and the promptings of the spirit.

Scene Four:  The child listens and then dismisses the counsel given by his/her loving parents because, well…they know more and somehow their parents do not understand them or the situation.

Scene Five: Over time the consequences of sin and erroneous decisions by a child begin to take root and the pain and suffering felt by them is also shouldered by the parents.

Scene Six: The child lies awake at night thinking of all the problems that he/she  faces.  As they ponder, meditate and earnestly pray for divine guidance regarding their future the still small voice tells them that ‘Father’ knows best.

Scene One:  The ‘Father’ advised: “Honor thy Father and Mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord they God giveth thee” (Exodus 20: 12)



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