Fear And Loathing Of The Perfect Man


A number of years ago, I was intrigued by the comments of a national pundit as I listened to him pontificate on the leading contenders for the office of President of the United States of America. Of the two leading contenders for one of the major parties, he said something like, “I don’t know, I can’t connect with him. He seems too removed, too…you know…perfect. I can’t relate to him.” Then he continued, “But the other guy is well…he seems to connect more with the common man. You know, he’s had a couple of divorces, and he’s had some rough political spots during his career. He just seems more down to earth. Someone I can relate to.” About that same time, I watched a columnist being asked his opinion of the same two candidates. He said, “I don’t see myself sitting down with him for drinks at the local bar, you know, but the other is someone I would feel comfortable sitting together with and chugging down some beers. He’s had his problems. I think the American people relate to that!”

I was left pondering the question of, “Do we want leaders that are like us, or do we wants someone who lives an elevated life and who can bring us to higher ground? The only “perfect” man to live was Jesus Christ. But I wonder how he would be treated today…if he came anew…and ran for public office? Would the “fear and loathing” of the “perfect man” be too much for many? Would Jesus be rejected because he was just…you know…way too nice? Too…well, not like us! I mean, how annoying! If he worked in the cubicle next to us, would we “hate” him? Would we feel about him like we feel about the guy whose wife always gushes to our wives about how wonderful he is as a husband and as a Father? Many of us don’t like “those” people. Too…good! Sometimes I hear others, and perhaps I fall into the same mindset of criticizing others by saying,  “They are too perfect. No one is that good. They must be a fake.” Well, maybe. But perhaps it’s our problem. Maybe we have a “fear and loathing of the perfect man.” It’s something to think about the next time we find ourselves thinking such thoughts about others.

No one likes a self-righteous person or someone who goes on and on about themselves. That is different! But if we find ourselves outwardly, or even inwardly,  criticizing others living righteous lives, we might find that our insecurities might be based on “fear and loathing” of ourselves, not them.  And that is not a comfortable place to be!

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