Giving Our Love We’ll Make Heaven On Earth!


Over these many years my wife and I have experienced more together than we can even remember.  Truly, “…(she) and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” (Beatles, “Two Of Us”) A bond is forged where you now know each others thoughts,  and you can predict each others reactions to surrounding events.  As we grow older I look at her face while she is sleeping and it has become more beautiful than when we met, because every line, every feature, every expression has become a part of our history together.  When you spend your entire life with one person, you learn that you will never know anyone else to the depth and magnitude as your spouse.  Likewise, you come to understand that no one else will ever know the total essence of who you are as does your companion.  We have laughed together, we have wept together!  We have experienced the heights of what this life has to offer and have been together in the depths of its darkest regions.

Together we have traveled a long and winding road. It has held many thrills and also some disappointments. Like most couples these experiences have had life changing effects on us both.  For me, life’s experiences has strengthened and fortified a love I held for her as a young man.  My understanding of love has increased monumentally through the years.  I know her so well. She knows me so well.  The longer we are together, the deeper my appreciation for who she is increases.

Like every husband, I hope that she can feel my love, simply by the look of my eyes.  (Psalms 26:3)  The day will come when my eyes will dim and  words cannot be exchanged because separation comes to all.  When that day comes, I want her to know that my love is eternal and that she will “always” be mine.

For many of us the gospel of Jesus Christ has been at the core of our lives.  It is through his atonement that all of us have hope to be together forever,  and that our journey through this life is just the beginning; not the end.  “I believe in a world where light will guide us and giving our love we’ll make a heaven on earth.” (“I Believe”, Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins) Believers look forward to the time when the Savior will come again and the world really will be heaven on earth. I believe! Until that day,  a husband and a wife sharing their love can at least provide a bit of  heaven while still in mortality!

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