God’s Top Ten List


While raising our children, never do I recall my wife and I gleefully rubbing our hands together behind closed doors, while thinking of what we could do to make our children’s lives miserable. Or what council could we give them that would lead to their unhappiness.  For some reason some youth, as well as some adult children,  seem to think such a thing of their parents.

Of course, it is the opposite. My wife and I, as with all loving parents,  diligently seek divine guidance so that we can lead our children to find joy and happiness. I have often wondered about the promise given in the ten commandments regarding honoring parents. It says in Exodus 20:

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

“That thy days may be long upon the land!” Interesting! Why would honoring parents extend our days on earth? My thought is that if you listen and honor your loving parents,  and follow the council they give,  it is likely that you will make less mistakes, sin less, and therefore avoid the consequences of making bad decisions. Mistakes and sin lead to unhappiness and sorrow and in some cases even an early death.  Like many of the commandments, sometimes it takes time to understand the principles given to us by a loving Father. And as parents, we should use Him, our Heavenly Father, as a pattern to follow in becoming loving and righteous parents.

I have been blessed by having wonderful parents. While they weren’t perfect, if I had followed all the advise they have given me over the years, I would be lving a much happier and full life.  There is wisdom in why the Lord included honoring our parents in His “Top Ten.”



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