I Am Grateful For My Second Mom; Her Price Is Far Above Rubies!


Proverbs 31:10
“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

Over forty-four years ago, my then fiancé, picked me up at the airport. I was nervous as I got in the car because, although we were engaged to be married, I had never met her parents. Our college romance had been quick and sudden and now here I was on my way to face the “In-laws!” The horror of it all!

As we pulled in the driveway, I recall thinking, “Well, here we go!” In the back of my mind, I was so desperately wanting for them to like me, and me them. We were greeted at the door by her Mom. I breathed a great sigh of relief because her Mom was just an older version of the beautiful girl I was marrying. He was smartly dressed, with true class and elegance. She was put together and her house looked immaculate. She was more than just a ‘traditional’ housewife of the time. She impressed me and I felt that if my future wife had been taught by her, I was going to be in good hands. The past 44 years has born out that initial assessment, as her daughter did indeed, become all that I ever wanted in a woman. I would later learn that she was a woman of substance and elegance that was mirrored in the lives of her children. I don’t know if it was then or later that night that I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure how to address her. I mean how long can you go without ever addressing someone in a specific manner? Should I call her by her first name, Mrs. Last Name, or Mom? I know for many, calling someone Mom, when you already have one, can be…strange. So I dropped the question. I asked her, “What would you like for me to call you? I would be happy to call you Mom?” She gave me a gracious smile and said, “That would be wonderful!” And so it was that I picked up another Mom over 44 years ago. Her passing a few years ago left me to reflection about her life, and the many gifts she has passed on to her posterity.

I think oft times we forget, as children of loving parents, just how much they have given to bless our lives. How much they sacrifice on our behalf! I know that my children have no clue as to the sacrifices my wife has made to help them on their journey. It is with regret, that most of us do not take the time to thank them…until it is too late, and they are no longer a phone call away.

So, I say to my second Mom, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great support over the years. Your love and wise words will be missed. Mostly, I want to say to you that I still see you everyday in my wife. She looks a lot like you and has grown into that elegant lady I saw the day we first met. She was taught by you true womanhood, and to live a life full of grace, virtue and dignity. My wife in turn has taught our daughter those same principles. I also see in my wife your moral teachings of honesty and integrity, hard work, and standing up for solid moral principles. She is strong and has opinions that she defends! There will always be a part of you in her.”

My Second Mom’s influence still lingers here on earth, even if her spirit is now flying high above this Earthly existence. My regret is that I wish when my wife and I visited her a couple of weeks before she died, I had taken the time to state the obvious to her one more time before we left. That I love her and appreciate all she has done to bless my life and the lives of my children. Perhaps, even in her deteriorated condition, I would have seen the same contented look I saw the day we first met, when I called her “Mom.” And I could have felt, one more time, the love that swells in your heart when you give thanks to your Mother and she smiles. I regret not trying! I should have!

I will miss that feeling when we would visit and she would say my name with such tenderness and smile! Most of all, I will miss her, for her price is far above rubies!

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