I Am Grateful That “I Don’t Believe In Orphans!”


I was waxing nostalgic the other day as memories of my deceased mother came to my mind, and I remember back to the day when my phone rang telling me of her passing.  You really can’t describe the feeling when such a call comes.  It’s the emptiest of all phone calls you will ever receive.

I am fortunate that my father is still alive and in good health. He is now in his nineties! I am blessed to still have him in my life, but I know that I am only a phone call away from becoming an orphan.  And although I myself am a man advancing in years, why does such a thought frighten me? (Since I wrote this, I received a call late one night in June that my Father had passed)

I think that most of us recognize the supreme and godly nature of the relationship of a parent with a child. And while a husband and wife can develop a wonderful and blissful union, there is really something quite uniquely divine about the relationship of a parent and a child. It cannot be explained in words, but it can clearly be seen in the daily interaction between the two.

The other day I was following behind one of my adult children who was driving their car, and as I reflected on their life, and some success they were having, I felt tears well in my eyes. I felt so happy for them that the emotion of love I was feeling was overwhelming. Who can deny that such feelings come from God!

So I think that what frightens me about receiving that ‘phone call’ is that there is no one on the face of this earth who loves me quite like my Dad. To be orphaned is to lose a love which cannot be recovered or replaced. I dread the day when that call will come!  But that call will come and I will once again feel that emptiness!  Without hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ,  I would never be able to fill that void. I don’t believe and will not accept that I will forever remain an orphan for the remainder of my existence. I don’t believe in orphans!

I believe that families can be eternal and that the bond of love that exists between people is not buried in the grave. I don’t believe that demonstrations of love end with wilted flowers piled on the gravestones of mankind. I believe that through and by Christ, mankind can and will be saved from the emptiness of phone calls informing us of our parents death.  John wrote: “…believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

I believe! (John 20:31)


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