I Love It Even When I Hate It!


The manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, Charlie Manuel,  was once asked how his love for the game carries through while playing in awful weather.  His reply; “I like it. Even when I hate it, I like it” is a classic statement worthy  of  being called a “Yogism”.  Yogi Berra, the New York Yankee player and coach, was famous for such quotes.  What did Manuel mean when he said, “…even when I hate it, I like it!”.  Well to me he was saying that even in the most bitter weather, he still loved baseball.  His love of the game outweighed the objectionable nature of playing in such horrible conditions. I can relate to that.  Not just with baseball, but when it comes to the church.  I like the church, even when I hate it, I like it!  As a member I’m sure you can relate to such mixed feelings.  We have lived in different parts of the states and I have served a mission in Argentina.  I have been a member of large and strong ward but also some that you might call “lacking”.  I have served with wonderful people who inspire and uplift. But I have also served with those who have frustrated me and dampened my spirits.  Perhaps I myself have been guilty of doing both to those I have served with.   However, I can honestly say that even when I have “disliked” those with whom I am serving, or the ward we have lived in: or perhaps even a “call”,  my love for the restored gospel has overridden it all.  I would rather be serving in the kingdom under terrible conditions than  being on the sidelines.

If you examine your own experiences, you will probably come to my same conclusion.  That conclusion is that “You make the experience”, not others.  Boundaries were once changed putting us in a ward to which I didn’t want to belong.  Now, years later, the memories of that ward are most cherish.  I find that it was one of my favorite wards of all-time!  There have been a number of individuals whose personalities have been abrasive to me. But it is only as abrasive as I allow it to be.  In other words, as you learn to love the gospel you will find that no matter the obstacle, no matter the people, no matter the time, no matter the money, no matter what; you like being a part of it;  even when you hate it, you like it! 

When you play baseball in cold weather it stings when you hit the ball.  It hurts!  But you don’t stop, because you love playing.  You would rather it didn’t hurt but you know that as time goes on the weather will change, the sun will come out and you will love it even more. But till then, you keep playing because the pain doesn’t outweigh your love.  So it is with ones love of the gospel.  Come rain or shine, you play, because you love it and you know that it is true.

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