If I Only Was The Fellow

The DiscipleMD

While walking down a crowded

City street the other day,

I heard a little urchin

To a comrade turn and say

“Say, Chimney, lemme tell youse,

I’d be happy as a clam

If I only was de feller dat

Me mudder t’inks I am.


“She t’inks I am a wonder,

An she knows her little lad

Could nver mix wit’ nuttin’

Dat was ugly, mean or bad.

Oh, lot o’times I sit and t’ink

How nice, twould be, gee whiz!

If a feller was de feller

Dat his mudder t’inks he is.”


My friends, be yours a life of toil

Or undiluted joy,

You can learn a wholesome lesson

From that small, untutored boy.

Don’t aim to be an earthy saint,

With eyes fixed on a star:

Just try to be the fellow that

Your mother thinks you are.

– Will S. Adkin in Praying Hands

As a young man my mother once publicly paid me a great compliment. I too, like this urchin boy, wondered what the world would be like if only we were the boy or girl our mothers think we are!

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