I’m Speechless!

I picked the 1st of the month to get married because I wanted us to always be reminded that we were the number one couple of all-time! And even though the first fell on a Thursday, like today, which was not the usual day to get married, like a Friday or Saturday; that didn’t matter because we were not the norm anyway, at least in my mind! I’m not sure why I thought we were so unique, I just did! Maybe, it was a good thing, because when you think you have something special, you value it; you don’t throw it away on a whim.

Just this past week a song came on the radio that reminded me of the young years of our marriage. And a sort of vision opened up to my mind. And I saw her sitting in that dingy apartment on Hawthorne Lane. She was all alone with a baby boy. No car, an old black and white TV with a coat hanger to get reception. The room was mostly barren with an old sofa as the mainstay. And a husband who was almost never home. Between school and two jobs, even when I was home, it was mostly just to sleep. And I watched her as she played and loved that baby boy, my oldest son. And I have to tell you; my eyes grew moist while I was driving. And soon, tears started to fall down my cheeks. Then in a moment, I actually burst out crying. And I knew if I didn’t get control, I would start to sob! So I buttoned it up, and I let that vision close as quickly as it came.

She has given me the best years of her life. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless!

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