Inspirational Thoughts From ‘The DiscipleMD’ 2014

The Disciple Md

Inspirational thoughts from TheDiscipleMd for the year 2014-

“There is only one who is qualified to know the “end, the width, the height, depth, and the misery” of our problems, and that is Jesus Christ.  Because, He has “descended” below us all! He really has felt the same pain and reached the same “misery” index of all who have ever lived.”

“The closest any man will ever come to hearing a cherubic melody from above, is when he hears the quiet laughter of the woman that he loves.”

“…life is of a very short duration…the birth of my obituary began to be written the moment I came from my mother’s womb.”

“…the praise of man stays on the field of play, while the character of an individual travels far into the eternities.”

“…for all faithful followers of Jesus Christ, it isn’t a question of there being an afterlife; when death is welcomed, it is just a question of procedure.”

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