Its Time To Stop Missing What We Never Had!


Recently I heard a fictional character on television say, “Now, I miss what I never had!” He was ‘now’ in the later stages of life, and he was giving advice to a young protegé. He was referring to the fact that he had spent his entire life in service to his country. What he had sacrificed to do so, was the joy of having a family and the enjoyment of the small pleasures of life. He gave a slight chuckle as he finished his sentence, as if to say, “For what!”

All of us, upon reflection, sometimes wish we could  go back and change decisions we made in the past. But of course, we can’t. We can only move on with the lessons that we have learned.  “Regrets, I’ve had a few”, Sinatra sang. Perhaps it is the follow-up line he sang that carries more significance, “but then again, too few to mention.”  He captured to some degree the senselessness of ‘crying over spilt milk.” I found myself trying to teach the same lesson to my granddaughter just the other day at dinner time.  She had a few cookies for desert and a small glass of milk.  As she reached for the cookies she knocked over the glass and the milk spilled all over the table.  She looked at me and started to cry. As I got up to help her I said, “don’t cry over the spilt milk, I will get you some more.”  As I walked to the fridge to get more I laughed and mumbled to myself, “So that’s where that saying came from.” Yet, as trite as that statement is, it resonates truthfulness.

While we cannot change the past, the future is before us. Jesus Christ once told the story of two sons who were asked by their father to work in his vineyard. One said he would, but didn’t. The other said:

“I will not: but afterward he repented, and went.” (Matt 21:29)

There are a number of lessons taught by this short story. One is that despite what we may have said or done in our past; we can repent, change and do the will of the Father.  Like the fictional character quoted above, some of us are missing what we never had,  and time certainly may have taken away some blessings from us that we could have had.  But today is another day and the future is in our hands. There is no better time than the present to stop missing what we never had by reaching out for greater happiness.  There is no better way of finding true joy in this life than through observance to the  teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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