Jacob and Rebekah: That’s Me And She!


Over the years I have listened to, observed and talked to mothers of all ages. I have listened to, observed and talked to children of mothers of all ages. The longer I live, the clearer it becomes, that mothers are the makers of men. This concept is nothing new. It has been written about, talked about and discussed since the beginning of time. However, it is one thing to intellectually know it, but quite another to feel it. Being able to “feel” the power of motherhood, gives you greater appreciation for those who carry that role.

My mother was a natural builder of souls, particularly of her children. Consequently, we were raised in an environment of encouragement. So if we lacked “something”, it wasn’t because of my Mom. We all lived before we came to this earth. I’m sure our dispositions and tendencies came with us. But, in my opinion, those dispositions and tendencies can be either softened or hardened by the influence of a mother. It is certainly a sad thing when a child is neglected and abused, and many are. Some survive it and blossom despite it, others are crushed under it’s powerful negative influence. I will never be able to fully understand the depth and nature of a mothers love and it’s total influence in the lives of each individual. I only know that the influence of my mother was so powerfully good on my “disposition and tendencies,” that I can only call her name blest.

As life continues on, I am more aware of the great blessing she has been in my life. I will probably never know for sure the totality of her influence. Perhaps I never will! I can only guess as to the extent of the goodness she has brought into my life. So, although my Mom has passed away, her influence lives on in me and my siblings. I hope I have lived a life she would have approved of. More importantly, someday, I wish to present myself to her as someone she would be proud to call her son.

So Mom, you are not here, in this world, any longer with me. I can’t give you anything but my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done! As much as you love flowers, I know you are enjoying the view of this worlds beauty from your vantage point. I am looking forward to the beauty of seeing your face and feeling the warmth of your embrace in the world to come. There is nothing quite like the love between a Mother and her son. Till then:

Our relationship, its special you see

Jacob and Rebekah, that’s me and she. (Genesis 25:28)

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