“Just Say The Words!”


A few years ago, prior to his passing,  I was visiting with my father, who long ago served as a Bishop for the church. He told me an interesting story that brought back into remembrance a truth, I believe, that is felt by all those who have loved in marriage, regardless of their Christian persuasion.

He said that decades ago he was approached by a woman of another Christian faith who asked if he would marry her and her fiancé, who also was of another religious denomination. My father consented and said he would be happy to do so. Then, the future bride made a request. She said, “You know how the ceremony says ‘till death do us part?” “Yes” replied my father. “Well,” she said, “I want you to change that part to, “for eternity.” My father understood the request but told her that he had no authority to pronounce, much less enforce that promise.” The future bride looked highly disappointed. She then pleaded, “Well then, just say the words.” It was clear to my father that this precious bride wanted nothing more than to be together with her future husband, not only for this life, but throughout the eternities. She so desperately wanted the great promise of an eternal marriage that just hearing the words gave her some comfort.

Any couple who has ever shared pure love desires such a wonderful promise. Who wouldn’t! Yet, the world can only give and enforce worldly covenants. The glory of eternal love is that God has revealed, and given authority to select individuals, that the marriage covenant can be enforced in the eternities. The understanding that families can be eternal is the greatest blessing of modern day revelation and the joy that comes from such knowledge is delicious to the taste.

To believe that marriage and family ends at death is to leave a void in our souls as well as leave a emptiness in our hearts which will leave us all with tears in heaven. But from the depths of our souls we feel, no matter our religious denomination, that love and marriage should be eternal and the thought of such a doctrine resonates in our hearts and uplifts our spirits.

I firmly believe in this uplifting doctrine and have great hope in it. In God’s Temples, saying the words can not only be pronounced, but it is also where the pronouncement by those in authority carries the power to enforce such a promise for the eternities. On this foundation rests all my hopes and dreams of being together with my wife.

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