It was cold and suddenly I didn’t know where I was. I was in the front yard of some house, but I didn’t know whose. I looked up and down the street and didn’t recognize any of the houses. It was snowing lightly and panic started to set in. Was I lost? Who was I? Where was my family? My mind was racing. I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t know what to do so I started up the sidewalk hoping that something would seem familiar…but it wasn’t. I started to run and I turned up a street in hopes that something would jar my memory. But it didn’t! I wasn’t prepared to be out in this freezing weather. Soon I found that the temperature was beginning to set into my bones. I knew if I didn’t find home soon I could perish! Just then I heard a voice calling my name. I recognized both the voice and my name. I ran towards the voice and as I rounded the corner I saw my father out in front of my yard. He was screaming my name over and over. The excitement of seeing him warmed my shivering body and I ran full speed towards him. Then he turned and saw me and ran towards me with a look of love and worry. I leaped into his arms and licked his face till I could lick it no more. “Apollo”, my father said, “Where have you been?”

With that he carried me inside his warm house and I immediately recognized it as my home. My Mother was there and she both loved and scolded me as she took me into her arms. I heard them talking reverently about how I was now suffering in mind, now that I was 84 in human years. I found my familiar place by the fireside and curled up next to the flames that now warmed my body. What would I have done if “The Master” had not called for me I thought?

Do we hear and recognize the voice of our Master when he calls?

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