Love Is A Song That Never Ends


I recently became aquainted with a man who was involved in a tragic motorcyle accident.  It left him paralyzed from the chest down.  This man who was once so robust, depite being in his mid-sixties, is now confined to a wheelchair and spends much of his day in visiting hospitals  and recieiving medical care at home. I marvel at the courage and resilancy of this man or anyone, for that matter,  who can overcome the temptation to cry, “Wo is me,” while they sink into a great depression of mind and spirit.  His story reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with a good friend who had been striken in his fifties with a debilitating disease.  His spirit of joy and courage in his time of pain gave me great comfort and strenghtened my faith in the eternal plan of salvation.  As I lamented his situation and gave him my sympathy he said, “Well, we all die of something. It is all part of the plan.”  He said it without hesitation and it wasn’t a canned response to my words of encouragement. He was simply reminded me of a fact that He knew to be true and one that I needed to be reminded of.

I think one of the eternal beauties of this life is the belief that love is eternal and that it does not die with the mortal body. “We all die of something” is a true statement when it comes to mortality but my belief is like the thought expressed from the movie Bambi.

Love is a song that never ends

Life may be swift and fleeting

Hope may die yet love’s beautiful music

Comes each day like the dawn

That dawn has been provided, for eternity, by the Savior, who is the author of love. I believe it with all my heart and the thought of eternal love, moves me upward and forward with a desire to develop it, with my wife, my children and all mankind.

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