Marriage Brings Greater Possibilities For Happiness


“Marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other human relationship. Yet some married couples fall short of their full potential. They let their romance become rusty, take each other for granted, allow other interests or clouds of neglect to obscure the vision of what their marriage really could be. Marriages would be happier if nurtured more carefully…When you as husband and wife recognize the divine design in your union—when you feel deeply that God has brought you to each other—your vision will be expanded and your understanding enhanced.” (“Nurturing Marriage”, Russell M. Nelson, GC, April, 2006)

The lyrics of a country song best capture, for me,a  dying love between a man and his wife which seems prevalent in today’s society.

I sit there talking to myself, why can’t he turn it down?

He keeps that TV up so loud that I can’t think

And every time I turn a page he starts to talk about his day

Can’t he see I’m trying to read


And it’s cold enough in here to freeze, he keeps it 68 degrees

What’s that man been thinking of?

In all the years we’ve been together

You’d think he’d know me better than he does


I sit there wondering to myself, why he wears the same old clothes

With any sense, he’d know they’re out of style

And darn that man why can’t he tell I’m dying in this house

I ain’t been out on the town in quite a while


And can’t he tell what mood I’m in

The way I’ve got my back to him I don’t feel like making love

In all the years we’ve been together

You’d think he’d know me better than he does


I sit there thinking to myself, why he’s been coming home so late

He knows that supper’s waiting on the stove

I sit there lying to myself about the suitcase in the hall

And the night I heard him call her on the phone


Said he’d been thinking to himself the way I’ve treated him like heck

That I’ve forgotten how to love

And right before he drove away through his tears I heard him say

“I don’t talk to him enough”


In all the years we’ve been together

You’d think he’d know me better than he does

In all the years we’ve been together

Why don’t he know me better than he does?

(Lorrie Morgan – “You’d Think He’d Know Me Better”)

May we not let the embers of our love slowly die out. May the flame of our love be ignited with unselfishness and love unfeigned towards our spouses. May our spouses not be caught thinking, “I’d think they’d know me better.”

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