Married To The Ultimate Woman!


On our first date, we stopped in to see my older brother and his new wife of eighteen months. We were on a blind date that had been set up by my younger sister. She had called me up just the week before and told me that ”this girl” had started working in her office on campus and that she was everything I ever wanted. My little sister knew me very well, so I took the chance and gave that girl a call. So, now here I was on the first date, stopping in to see my brother, which was really nothing more than a chance for me to see what they would think of her. We stayed for a short time, exchanged pleasantries, and we were on our way.

After the date, I went back to my brothers to see if they were going to give a thumbs up or not. It always helps when your family likes your girl. My sister-in-law opened the door, and almost before I could get in, she exclaimed, “I want you to marry that girl so bad, I can hardly stand it!” Within weeks, I felt the same way. I could hardly stand to be apart. When I left her apartment, I couldn’t think of anything else except “When will I see her again!” Our courtship lasted less than four months when we tied the knot. Some forty-six years later, I still have that same feeling. “When will I see her again!” I don’t want to pretend that being married with children has always been a bowl of cherries. No matter what, this life presents challenges, and sometimes it’s just the ‘pits’ you get instead of the fruit you expect. But, I know through personal experience that life is wonderful if two people commit themselves, body and soul, to each other. We have found that choosing Christ as a centerpiece has stabilized our home and our partnership. Our faith has also brought us peace when times are troubled and brought love into our hearts when contention was at the door knocking.

I write these words to all those who watch TV, go to the movies, and are constantly being fed a bleak picture of marriage. You can have a successful marriage. All men are not quickly drawn into dishonor, as the media portrays. Maybe these men are more interesting to watch on the Silver Screen. Men of honor may not be so attractive. They usually live everyday lives that most people don’t really care about! I am reminded of the episode of Seinfeld when they wanted to make a show about ‘nothing.’ It was absurd! How boring! But to honorable husbands and wives whose lives will never grace the Silver Screen, their boring lives are beautiful. They are worthy of praise and each couple should receive an “honorary” award for best picture.

I am nominating my wife as “The Ultimate Woman” because she has earned it…and I believe it! And millions of other men feel the same way about their wives. I think that thought is wonderful, and it should be shouted from the rooftops because people should know that marriage, with all its complexities, is divine. Because, I believe, it is ordained of God. It’s Valentines! Kiss your sweetheart and hug them. And don’t forget to tell your beloved how you really feel. The word “LOVE” should be a word that easily escapes our lips! And maybe the day will come when I can be “The Ultimate Man.” Till then, I’m happy she is patient, and she should be. Because…well…she is the “The Ultimate Woman!”

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