May The Flag Of Our Fathers Wrap You In Love And Honor!


It was 1977 and my plane had just landed in America. I had spent close to two-years in South American without ever seeing the United Sates Flag waving overhead. But there it was; flapping majestically outside the JFK Airport in New York City.  The fifteen of us stood there in awe.  I don’t know how the other missionaries felt, but the emotion of seeing the ‘Stars and Stripes” that day as we stood waiting for our  connecting flight to Washington D.C. will never leave me. I was filled that day with gratitude, not only for the flag, but for what it symbolically stood for.

I know the history of our country has its blemishes, yet, as a whole, I think it is the greatest country on earth.  I can, from time to time,  get frustrated with its politics, its morals, its inability to always right the wrong. Yet, I am proud to be an American and grateful to all those who have given their  lives to make this the land of hope and freedom.

So whenever I get frustrated or angry with how the country is being led or the daily aspects of living here, I remember back to that day  when I saw our flag waving overhead at the airport.  And the emotion of gratefulness to live in the United States of America comes back to my heart and to my soul.  And I thank the Lord each day for those men and women who protect our freedom and our rights. This country of ours certainly needs some work, for sure! However, if you have ever lived abroad for any period of time, you learn in a short period of time, that despite our problems, you wouldn’t want to call any other place home! So to all who have ever lived and died to keep us free, may the flag of our fathers keep you wrapped in love and honor all the days of eternity and may the Lord watch over and protect your families forever!

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