May We Search The Crowd For ‘His’ Face


I once sat on the stand and listened to a young man give a talk across the pulpit to the congregation in our church. He did an outstanding job. On occasion, I noted that he would stammer and appear as if he lost his train of thought. The first time he did so, I noted that he calmly, but quickly was able to get his remarks back on track. When he appeared to falter later on in his talk, I noted that his father, who was in the audience, was silently mouthing the words to his talk and that the son would look over at him when he needed help. I watched for the rest of the talk as the father helped his son make it successfully through, what for most, is a very stressful event in their life; public speaking.

As the son sat down, I saw the relief in the father’s eyes and the joy on his face as he watched his son successfully deliver his talk. I glanced over at the son who was now seated and saw a quick exchange of love passed from the son to the father through a smile. I was touched by the whole scene and thought how wonderful it was that the father was there for his son in his time of need. His ‘behind the scenes’ work had helped his son feel the joy that comes from a job ‘well-done!’ But more importantly, I imagine that the son will never forget the love his father showed to him by silently supporting him through that discourse.

I couldn’t help but parallel how our Heavenly Father does the same for us when times get rough. I imagine that He, like all Fathers, desires for us the best, and that we each have success in our earthly endeavors. I know He exists and is there when we need him. However, like all children, we need to ‘look’ to him for help and then follow the promptings that he gives to us. It does us no good to have a Heavenly Father if we do not know He is there and we are not searching for His face.

May we search the crowd for the face that we should all recognize. May we heed the ‘still small voice’ as it prompts us throughout this life, leading and guiding us to do what is right. And upon doing so, may we give thanks to Him and acknowledge His hand in all things.

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