Are We Members Of The ‘Dead Prophets Society?’


“Throughout the history of mankind, many have been willing to accept the prophets of the past, but have rejected the prophets sent to them. The prophets in the different dispensations have had a special message to the people of their particular generation, a message which required action on the part of those who accepted them: but the prophet of one generation often is rejected by many who claim belief in the prophets of the past.” (The Divine Church, pg 87, MPQ, 1952).

“I do not believe members of this Church can be in full harmony with the Savior without sustaining His living prophet on the earth…If we do not sustain the living prophet, whoever he may be, we die spiritually. Ironically, some have died spiritually by exclusively following prophets who have long been dead. (James E. Faust, August, 1996 Ensign)

Many of us are guilty of wondering why people of old never followed the prophets, while we listen with a deaf ear to present ones. Willingness to accept and support dead prophets, as many of their messages pertain to the people of that era, doesn’t require much or anything of us. Often it is far easier to be great members of the ‘Dead Prophets Society,’ then to be supportive members of latter day prophets whose counsel often require more than ‘lip service.’

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