My Dinner Conversation With Peter The Apostle


A number of years ago I was asked by a business associate what historical figure I would most like to dine with. I was given no parameters so I said the obvious, “Jesus Christ.” “Ahh, that’s too common of an answer,” he retorted. So I reflected a little bit more and then I said, “Well, maybe Peter the apostle.” He nodded his approval.

Later, upon reflection, I thought, “What would it be like to be able to converse with Peter? How exciting that would be! What burning questions would I like to have answered?” It seemed like thousands of things crossed my mind and while it seemed obvious that you would talk of his personal relationship with the Savior, wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, to have his view on today’s world! Wouldn’t it be nice to know his opinion and counsel on matters regarding today’s unique problems that only we face? What would he think of today’s declining moral code? The obsession our society has with fame, fortune and power? What would he advise on how to avoid pornography which debases the viewer and the participant? What advice would he have on raising a righteous family while under the onslaught of such sleaze and filth, which threatens even the most decent homes? What counsel would he give on how to stay out of the grips of gambling, dishonestly and on holding to Sabbath day observance? What would his view be on the role of men and women and the value of the family unit? What about his thoughts on missionary work, the temple, and the law of sacrifice? My, I thought, that is just the tip of the iceberg of questions I would want answered if I were to dine with Peter!

But of course I have “dined” with Peter on many occasions during my lifetime. He didn’t look like the Peter which I envision in my mind’s eye. No he looked like a regular guy of the day. He had a common name of our day like, David, Joseph, Harold or Spencer. He was Ezra, Howard, Gordon or Thomas.  All eight have been prophets in my lifetime. I have dined with them all, figuratively. They have given guidance and counsel to me regarding all the burning questions I conjured up in my mind that day for the imaginary dinner date with Peter of old. It wasn’t at dinner but answers to the burning questions of the day were given at firesides and conferences I have attended.

All of us should be grateful to the Lord who has given us men and women who are the quality of Peter of old. We all have the ability to dine with prophets and prophetess if we will but invite them into our homes via the miracle of technology.

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