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It has recently come to my attention that a local family with a last name of Bean, named their three children; Boston, Navy and Seven. Another family, believe it or not, named their son Shithead, pronounced, Shi-theed, and still another named all three of their sons John. They go by John I, John II and John III. So, what’s in a name? Well, for some, it can be quite a lot!

I certainly don’t want to demean other families decisions as to what they name their children. But for anyone who has gone through life with an “unusual” name it can be a great curse or perhaps a blessing.

It is interesting how we seem to like names that are associated with those we love or respect no matter how unusual or common. When I first met my wife I had a negative impression of the name “Vickie” because of a bad experience I had with girl of that name that I knew in school. But it didn’t take long before “Vickie” became my favorite name. Why? Well, I associated all the good feelings I had for her with that name. Soon I loved hearing it and saying it.
In the same vein there is no question that as followers of Christ, we leave an impression of the Savior by how we conduct our lives. When people hear the name “Jesus Christ” what comes to their mind. Hopefully it will be a favorable thought. Perhaps, no matter how strange our beliefs seem to be to them, they will be left with good feelings toward the Savior when they see how his followers live their lives.

I have never met Navy, Boston, or Seven Bean. But, if I did, and they were good people, I’m sure their unusual names would take on a different light.
Let us live our lives such that we bring honor to our own name and to that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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