My Hero…So Long!


A number of years ago my brother passed away from pancreatic cancer. My limited experience with him and radiation treatments left an impression on my mind and soul.  This poem is dedicated to all who have ever lost a loved one to this ravenous disease.  And although, to date, my lovely wife is still living, the impression left by the experience with my brother inspired the thoughts of a poem I’ve written about a man and his cancer stricken wife.  I can’t imagine anything  as painful as losing a spouse to such a disease.  The hope to again see and embrace those taken  is the desire of all who have ever loved.  May the Lord give us peace in knowing that all live again through the gift of the resurrection and atonement of Jesus Christ. Our greatest hopes and dreams of being reunited with those on the other side of the veil became a reality and are made possible through Him who we call the Savior of the world.



We drove for awhile in silence, she and me.

Uncharacteristically for us two, you see

For both were never want or would

Nor would anyone ever think we could

Be found so empty of things to say

When passing through that cold winters day


But this was not a normal drive for me and she

A ride to some Gala Ball or festivity

No this ride was to somewhere better than

Where the pain of all who there enter in

Is dimming the very light in their souls

A place of great hope but also forebode


To enter in will mean life to but few

For most a short visit back to renew

To gain precious moments to spend with their friends

And earn extra time that God would them lend

I dread this place so much but I love it too

I feel my heart breaking for me and for you


I never go there the pain is still fresh

With memories so close of my lovely wife’s death

I ride alone and hear constant whisperings

Of long conversations from our history

I smile and look over but she is not there

I look out the window and straining I stare


My thoughts they run to life’s more eternal things

I know my wife is gone to where angels sing

Where beauty abides in doors made of gold

And harps that are strummed and where stories are told

Of great men and women who lived on this earth

Who gave of their all to Jesus Christ from their birth


I have no doubt she’s in God’s great wonderlands

She’s probably now laughing and clapping her hands

But still I miss her and all that she was

All the good that she did and still really does

I think of her often cause she makes me be good

She’s my beautiful spouse who gave me all she could


So I ride along in silence with the radio on

Remembering the good times with each favorite song

I’m happy to know that she’s not really gone

Forever my loved wife, my hero… so long!

(Scott K. Stephenson 11-15-12)





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