No One To Blame…But Ourselves!


Rarely do I address anything to do with politics because often the feelings that come when you discuss it, end up hindering and damaging personal relationships that I hold dear. However, with all of the bad feelings that usually surface around presidential elections, this year’s election cycle has produced malice on a steroid injected level. The nastiness and hatefulness of both parties toward each other has reached a level that offends the common person almost daily. The disapproval of both candidates is unusually high as the mudslinging goes on and on…and on!

I am left to wonder how it is that two individuals that are so disliked, even within their own party, end up as the choice for the leader of the free world. And there is no one to blame but ourselves, because ‘we the people’ nominated them to represent us. And that says a whole lot more about this election than the candidates left standing. And what does that say about who we are, and what we stand for! And that realization is more scary then the thought of either in the White House! Because they can only serve for a maximum of eight years! But ‘we the people’ will still be here!

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