Walk A Mile In My Shoes


As a young man in my twenties I frequently found myself questioning, in my mind, the decisions and actions of others. More often than not, I was found judging others in a negative light. I really couldn’t understand what would motivate people to make decisions that were clearly wrong…in my mind, and why others did things that were so obviously ‘stupid.’ Well…some of us need to be educated and often that learning comes with experience and time. Perhaps for me it came later than for some others, but better late than never.

Perhaps the greatest blessing in my life has been the time spent in my church behind closed doors. There, in private conversations with others, I have been given a greater insight into the lives of others and what motivates most to do what they do. And while I will never fully understand another person’s pain, or joy, I have become a better man after listening to their life stories that are mixed with tragedy, comedy, courage, and inspiration. I have been taught a valuable lesson about passing judgment on others, and about the value of being kind not only in action, but also in heart. The story of each of our lives is as unique as stars in the sky, and yet, its complex nature holds some universal certainties that all of us share. As I examine my own life, the decisions I have made, the actions I have taken, and the person that I am, have been influenced by a complex web of circumstances. Some are very individual, most have been common everyday occurrences that have formed the essence of who I am. I realize that no one will ever understand fully what is motivating me to think a certain way, and act the way I do. Nobody knows…period! In retrospect, I’m not sure I even know what is behind some decisions I’ve made and actions that I’ve taken in my life.

If we could reveal all the challenges that we face, others would probably be kinder and more supportive of us in our trials. We don’t necessarily need to open our lives to others, but we do need to open our hearts with love and compassion to all. The Savior of the world came to save us from our sins, but also to teach us to love one another as he loves us. (John 13;34-35) The understanding and application of that love is one of the ‘universal certainties’ that I believe to be true, and of value and worth. It is a truth that enriches the life of all who embrace it!

Truth is certain and decisions hold consequences. Some of the choices we make in this life are clearly ‘wrong’ and are bad. But the motivation and reasons behind such poor decision making is not always apparent to others.

‘Nobody knows’ is a good mantra to carry in our minds towards others; in hopes that it will transfer to our hearts…period!

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