On The 15,330th Day Of Marriage, My True Love Gave To Me!


In my egotistical young mind, it didn’t matter that my wedding day ended up being on a Thursday, instead of a more logical Friday or Saturday. Or if it was an inconvience on my parents, family, and friends. I insisted that my wife and I marry on a Thursday because it was the first of the month. June 1st, to be exact! Why? Because I always wanted to be reminded that my marriage was going to be number one! The big UNO! After all, I thought we were the number one couple in my mind, and would be in everyone else’s mind. How my feverish immature mind thought that way is a mystery to me all these years later.

I have learned many lessons since the days began by waking up next to my wife. I’ve seen her face, first thing in the morning, almost all of the past fifteen thousand three hundred and thirty days we have spent together as a husband and wife. Time and space limit all the blessings and lessons that have come into my life since she said, “I do!” Most noteworthy to me is the discovery of what my true love gave to me everyday of the past 15,330 day of our marriage. The essence of that gift is found in a short statement made by Gordon B. Hinckley many years ago. He captured best, the gift she has given me when he said:

“The girl you marry will take a terrible chance on you. She will give her all to the young man she marries. He will largely determine the remainder of her life. She will even surrender her name to his name.”

In one of the most outstanding talks on “being a real man,” Hinckley continued:

“Make yourself worthy of the loveliest girl in all the world. Keep yourself worthy through all the days of your life. Be good and true and kind one to another. There is so much of bitterness in the world. There is so much of pain and sorrow that come of angry words. There is so much of tears that follow disloyalty. But there can be so much of happiness if there is an effort to please and an overwhelming desire to make comfortable and happy one’s companion…in that future for most of you is a beautiful young woman whose greatest desire is to bond with you in a relationship that is eternal and everlasting. You will know no greater happiness than that found in your home. You will have no more serious obligation than that which you face in your home. The truest mark of your success in life will be the quality of your marriage.” (“Living Worthy of the Girl You Will Someday Marry”)

My wife has “given her all” and then some to me these thousands of days. She has held back nothing and truly makes an effort to please me and has had an overwhelming desire to make my life comfortable and happy.

So, on the fifteenth thousandth three hundred and thirtieth day of our marriage, my wife gave to me the same gift she did on day one. She gave me her life and it’s destiny! And that egotistical young man she married that day is now wrapped around her finger…and he’s never letting go!

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