Our ‘Leash’ On Life


A ship is suspended in outer space close enough for Aliens to view us, but far enough away so that they cannot be detected by man. They have done some preliminary studies of our planet and it’s species. On this, their first “visual” contact, they have focused their telescope on Central Park, New York. The image is a bit fuzzy but they can now see creatures moving about in the park. They watch  for a while then leave to give a report to their superiors. Their report, in part, reads:

“Perhaps we have miscalculated our assessments of the species that walks on 2-feet. We have thought that this species was the master of all the other creatures, but perhaps we are wrong. The 2-legged ones appear to be serving a 4-legged creature. This 4-legged creature is much smaller, but somehow seems to be able to control the 2-legged ones. 4-legs appears to lead the 2-legged ones who follow behind by some sort of rope. We suppose it is to keep them from breaking loose from their control. Sometimes it appears the 2-legged ones are being dragged against their will. And although the 4-legged is smaller, it has sharp projections coming out of their mouths that seem to scare the 2-legged into subjection. The 4-leggers seem to enjoy humiliating the 2-leggers, by defecating on the ground wherever they please, while 2-legs follows behind with some sort of container, or bag, and is made to pick up the excrement and carry it about. At other times we observed that 4-legs appeared to want to leave 2-legs behind so they would run off with no regard to 2-legs. Sometimes we would observe a 2-leg crying as they had been left behind and couldn’t find a 4-leg. We believe that we need to reassess our initial findings. From our observation we would like to recommend that we switch the position of the 2-legs with the 4-legs. It is clear to us that 4-legs is the master and 2-legs is the servant.”

Sometimes as we go through life we might inadvertently allow people, things, or ideals to become masters over us. In a sense we become servants to them. The fictitious observations of the Aliens who viewed the interaction of humans and their dogs stands as a reminder that things can get out of proportion if we are not careful. If we are not watchful, we can allow ourselves to be leashed to something less than our divine creator.  For some, the worship of the earth, or nature,  has become their God, not the Creator of it! Still others worship animals. They are willing to die for the cause of the “whale” but feel no remorse in aborting a human life. Some even become servants to their own bodies. They worship it by overindulging their time and energy in making it “beautiful” and keeping it fit. While this might seem to be in line with treating your body like a temple, it is not when it is taken to excess. It is just another form of worshiping the handiwork of God, but not God himself. For many, their master is the riches of the world. We all need to provide for our families but when our sole pursuit in life is to, not only “keep up with the Jones”, but be the Jones, than becoming the Jones is our master. The Lord said:

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matt: 6:24)

We should have only one “Master,”and that is the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. Let us be watchful in how we live our lives, lest we find that our “leash” on this life isn’t slowly choking us to death.

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