Marriage Rocks!


I never felt I would ever love someone like I do her! I just couldn’t imagine that kind of love! Sometimes I look over at her, and when she flashes a smile back at me, I know she can see right through me. She sees the ‘raw’ material of who I am. That used to scare me, but with time I have taken great comfort in knowing I am not alone in my being. She has become my best friend and the most constant star in the ever-changing constellation of my life. For others she is a shooting star that passes through their life, but, just for me, she is the stationary sun who lightens my life, brightens my day, and is the lifeblood to my every dream. She is the only one who is privy to my most intimate thoughts, desires and ambitions. She found her way into my head where even angels fear to tread.

The beauty of her illusion is that even though I know that my partnership with her is not perfect, and we certainly have a long way to go to become ‘one,’ I am still loving the view from the starship called marriage! And really, how can a woman get more gorgeous with each passing year? It defies the law of nature!

And it seems as the years go by that together, we have spent time on all the clouds starting with number one! And at times, with her by my side, I feel I have reached cloud number nine! It is a place I so desire, because I know that is where she will permanently reside. A paradise where we will find the ‘unspeakable’ joy and happiness that will both teach and inspire! (2 Corinthians 12:4) So with her hand firmly in mine, and the Savior’s grace to provide, our love is a whirlwind on the rise! Marriage Rocks!

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