Pride Travels Alone As It Has No Room For Anyone Else!

Jim Palmer, pitcher of the Baltimore Orioles told this story about his manager, Earl Weaver:
“Earl used to have a meeting at the end of spring training every year, and he’d say, ‘I’m taking the best 25. If we play together, we have a chance to win…’ Well, one year we weren’t’ playing so well, and Earl had a meeting. He said, ‘I want to let you know something. I made a mistake.’ We all leaned forward on our stools. Earl was going to admit a mistake! And then he goes, “I picked the wrong 25 guys.”

For many of us admitting a mistake is hard, but learning to say “I’m Sorry” is even harder. While this may not seem to be a very serious flaw, in reality its root is found in pride. In fact it can contribute to our inability to see and repent of wrongdoing! After all, both repentance and learning to say “I’m Sorry” are recognition of a mistake or sinful behavior! Pride travels alone as it has no room for anyone else. Often those of us who posses it, end up like it; alone!

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