Rings, Thorns, And Roses


A man I have great respect for shared with me these thoughts from the early days of his marriage.  (1951)

“In spite of our financial difficulties, my wife was always encouraging and had faith in my ability to do the things I wanted to do.  I resigned my job with the government because I wanted to be a college professor but I needed to get my PhD. I tried to do this but there was neither the time nor the money to make a living and go to school.  My wife supported me in this. When I realized that I couldn’t make the money I needed working construction and still go to school I decided to finish law school.  I went back to working nights while going to school during the day and graduated.  My wife worked part-time on occasion to help keep food on the table.  No complaints!  We were happy and it was a good life because she was with me and we loved each other.  I know from experience that any couple can experience a happy life, even with financial stress or other problems, if they love and trust each other.  As I look back on those years of long hours and work and financial stress, they were happy and wonderful years because of my wife.  Whenever I arrived home, there was always that wonderful smile and warm embrace waiting for me.”

All of us will experience obstacles in this life.  Recently when trials entered the life of someone I know, they were heard to say, “I never expected my life to turn out this way!”  While that statement might fit the majority of our lives, it is the attitude we take when unexpected turns occur in life that are the true test of our character.  Life is truly not just a bed of roses.

My father, the author of the above story, always wanted to be a professor but it didn’t happen.  Instead of lamenting about it, he went forward and became successful in life by doing other things of great value and worth. He and my mother accepted what life gave them and went forward with faith. Would that all of our dreams would come true, but if they don’t, may we have the courage to tackle whatever the Lord has given us and do so with joy.

When, as a couple, we decide to move forward in faith, with love towards each other, miracles can happen.  Sometimes, those miracles don’t come directly from the Lord, but are generated by the intense fire that radiates from two hearts that burn with love unfeigned towards the other!


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