Savoring The Sweet Moments of Life


There is nothing quite like eating some of your mother’s,  fresh out of the oven, homemade bread that is smothered in butter and honey. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! My boyhood memories of doing so are still as fresh in my mind as the bread my mother made back then. I could never figure out how to eat hot bread and honey without getting some of the honey on my fingers, hands, and sometimes even my clothes. The balancing act of keeping the bread level was almost impossible. Consequently the honey always seemed to find a corner of the bread to escape from. Eating hot bread and honey has always been a messy situation. Still, even with sticky fingers, the honey was still sweet tasting, be it off the bread, or off my fingers.

Life is oft-times like eating bread and honey. It can get pretty messy at times, but there is so much sweetness to it! At this moment in our life,  some of us might find ourselves in “sticky” situations. Perhaps things are not going our way. Maybe we want more out of life than what she has been willing to give us. For some their situation brings on depression as they look about and see others who seem to have “everything”, while, to them, they seem to have nothing or very little. I think most of us have times in our lives when we feel that way. But…I think it is important to remember that we do have a loving Father who knows and watches over us. Perhaps that knowledge doesn’t take away the pain of our sufferings, but I do think it eases it.

My hope is that we will remember to be grateful to the Lord for, if nothing else, life itself! This world is a wonder to live in. It is messy and sticky like honey on bread, but it has such a sweetness to it. Small things can bring bountiful blessings into our lives if we allow them to do so.  This morning one of my little granddaughters was playing on my bed. I ruffled her hair and she gave me a toothy smile. I rewarded her with a kiss! It’s not much, but moments such as those are just too sweet to forget…so we shouldn’t! Those sweet moments abound in everyone’s life and they come from many different directions. They are as unique as the colors in the rainbow.

I won’t be tasting any of my Mom’s hot homemade bread with honey ever again in this life, as she has passed on. But I’m sure we will share that joy again…someday! But, I can taste the memories and recall the sweet moments I spent at the table by her side. We can all be grateful for such moments!  May we look for them and savor them so that their lingering  taste will provide sweetness to our souls whenever bitter things threaten to poison our souls.


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