See Me!


(Based on a true story)
As he lay on his hospital death-bed, he watched as the Elders of the church passed him by. Somehow his religious affiliation has been left off his chart. As they administered and gave the sacred emblems of the Lord’s Sacrament to others around him, he wanted to cry out to not forget him. Never before had he felt such a desire to renew his covenants with God. His mind wandered back to the countless times he had eaten of the bread and drank of the water without much thought. It had become such a ‘rote’ thing in his life. But now, with death at the doorstep, the beauty and majesty of it’s meaning reached epic proportion till he felt his soul would burst with desire to partake. And now, as the Elders moved further and further away from his bed, his heart sank and he felt sorrow enter his soul.

As the Elders were about to leave his room he mustered up all his strength and weakly raised his hand up to catch their attention. But it was to no avail as the door slowly closed and they disappeared from view. He lay there for a moment as the tears formed in his eyes, but then, to his surprise, the door reopened and a lone holder of God’s priesthood entered back in. He must have forgotten something; yes, he had. He was headed over to pickup scriptures he had mistakenly left behind. Another chance, he silently exclaimed. Then, with the faith of Daniel, and with a prayer in his heart, he stretched forth his arm and extended his fingers. Please he cried in his heart, “See me!”

He headed towards the door with scriptures in hand, but something whispered to his soul, softly but with clarity, “See me!” The prompting stopped him in his tracks. “See me!” Once again came the soft sound that was carried by the spirit. The Elder turned and followed the light of the morning Sun as it cascaded across the hospital ward. The beam ended at the bedside of a man, who had his arm outstretched towards him. He felt the surge of the fire of God fill his soul as he headed towards him who was now seen!

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