The Blessings Of ‘Good Memories’


A number of years ago I spent the day visiting, with a number of my siblings, our “childhood.” Our elementary school, old ball fields, the homes in which we lived. We visited old neighbors, ate at old “watering holes” and visited the high school in which nine of us graduated. Most of all, it was a day of sharing memories.

Memories are a strange thing. They have very little meaning when you are young, but as one grows older, they grow sweeter, more powerful, and more precious. And so, my siblings and I spent the day reminiscing, laughing, talking, telling stories, but mostly sharing feelings of love and admiration for those who have affected our lives so profoundly.

“Someone who was a little more poetic than theological said, “Memory is the one Garden of Eden out of which one need never be cast.” Good memories are real blessings.” (Joe J. Christensen, “Good Memories Are Real Blessings”, 1989, Nov. Ensign).

Most of us have been blessed with “good memories” and I believe that they are “real blessings” in our lives. They remind us of the joy that can be found in life and also remind us that many of our good memories revolve around family. Good memories also come from righteous decisions that we make. When we recall “good memories” they almost certainly revolve around righteous acts and thoughts. Seldom do they come from unrighteous living. When we re-live and share memories they conger up the good parts of our lives and make us want to make more “good memories” that we can share in days to come. They become “food storage” to our souls. Food to be used in the lean times of our lives. They nourish the soul, buoy up our spirits and give us hope for the future.

May we live our lives such that as the years pass, we can look back on the choices we have made and find strength and joy in them. Most certainly, “Good Memories are real blessings.”

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