“He Doesn’t Need to Be Here, He gets ‘High’ On Life!”


I’ve always firmly believed that little good comes from being in improper places, even if our intentions are honorable. I know we are admonished to seek out those in both temporal and spiritual need, but I remember one friend who rationalized that since Christ associated with the sinners it meant that we should do the same.

The friend who rationalized such decided to do so while in sinful places, thus opening himself up to the enticing of the advisory. Sadly, he was not Jesus Christ, and socializing in the “sinners’ den” soon overcame him, and he ended up abandoning his faith. Wiser is a person who stays away from such places while providing an example to others. I believe that we can still love others while maintaining high standards.

Once near the end of my Senior year of high school, when cool parties were so prevalent, the coolest of all fantastic parties happened at one of the cool kid’s houses. It is often the case that ‘uncool’ things happen at such parties including harmful drugs and alcohol consumption. A distant friend of mine had attended this party and was standing around with a bunch of kids at said party when he overheard a conversation between two guys. One said to the other,  “Wow, anybody who is anybody is here at this party!” The other kid mentioned me and that I was not there.  The reply back was, “He doesn’t need to be here, he gets high on life!”

That experience taught me a great lesson! We can make a difference even if we are not in the same room as others. I believe we can associate and help all we come into contact with,  be they ‘saints or sinners.’ However, I believe that this can be done without having to put ourselves in harm’s way! We can bless the lives of others by reaching out and lifting them out of places where the spirit doesn’t dwell while still standing in holy places! Others can do the same for us. Most often those are our parents and family members who truly love us and want the best for our lives.

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